Adobe Acrobat Self Install
  • 18 Feb 2021
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Adobe Acrobat Self Install

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Article Summary

  1. Access Software Center

    1.   In the system tray click on SEARCH (Magnifying Glass)
    2.  type in SOFTWARE CENTER
      1.  App will be highlighted in blue
      2.  click to OPEN.
  2. Install Acrobat

    1.  Look for  Acrobat Subscription
    2. Click to OPEN
    3. Click INSTALL
    4.   A box will launch to lead you through the uninstall and install process

    5. Click Install

    6. The install will ask you to continue to uninstall any old version of Acrobat.

      1. Click Continue

    7.   The box that is launched will let you know when it has finish

      1. Click Launch Now

  3. Licensing Acrobat

    1. Open the new version of Acrobat

    2. Enter your State of Maine Email

    3. You will get an email to verify your identity

    4. Confirm you identity

    5. Your software is now licensed

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