• 17 Mar 2020
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iPhone Setup without SOM AIR WIFI

If you do not have access to the State’s WIFI for setting up your phone you will have to setup and use an alternate method to logon. The MFA setup needs to be completed on a computer connected to the State network. If MFA has already been setup and you receive notifications from it skip to step 9. If you already have RSA set up on your computer and want to use that for authorization skip to step 9.

Enrolling your Phone

  1. You will need to know your Apple ID Password to complete the next steps
  2. Tap on the Home button (physical button at the bottom of your phone) and find the icon for the  App Store
  3. Tap the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the screen, in the search bar at the top search for Microsoft Outlook   > Choose Get (if you see a Cloud image tap on the cloud) > then Install > Enter your Apple ID password if requested    
  1. Do notOpen Outlook tap the small x to the right on the search bar to clear the search bar text.
  1. Search for Intune Company Portal  > Get > and Install> Tap on Open when the installation is complete.    
  2. Tap on Sign in in Company Portal > Enter your email address and tap on Next you will be redirected to enter your computer login password then tap on sign in.     

  1. You will be given a choice to Login with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication or RSA SecurID Access Authentication Agent 2.0 Method.        

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is MFA, if you have set up MFA tapping this will either send a notification to approve or a text or call, depending on how it was set up. Tap approve or enter the information from the text message on this screen, then go to step 16.

SecurID Access Authentication Agent v2.0 Method uses RSA. To use this tap the Windows button on your computer, type RSA and open RSA SecurID Token. Enter your 6 digit pin in the RSA tool and hit the triangle, then enter the 8 digit code from the computer into the phone.


  1. Tap on begin, continue, then continue.      

  2. The phone will ask to download a configuration file. Choose allow        
  3. Navigate to the settings on the iPhone, near the top click on “Profile Downloaded”        
  4. Choose Install in the top right, then install at the bottom, enter your pin, choose install in the top right again and then “Trust”     

  5. Click the home button and open the Company Portal app again. Choose Allow for notifications and then continue     

  6. Tap on continue at the Bottom (You may be asked for your Apple ID password multiple times once for each app to be installed)              
  7. If asked to allow Company Portal to Manage an App tap on “Manage” when requested.
  8. Tap on install @the app installation page then enter your Apple ID password if requested     

  9. Go to the home screen and open Lookout for Work, if given the option choose “Login with AAD”
  10. Lookout will bring up a screen asking to open Authenticator, tap okay, then tap allow when asked to allow notifications.     

  11. Enter your email and password on the prompt to enter your credentials, choose Accept on the permission requested screen. Tap continue on the getting started screen.     

  12.  Choose to allow notifications for Lookout for work, next choose “Allow” on the VPN Configurations prompt.     

  13. Enter you Passcode or use TouchID to authorize VPN access. Once the phone shows “No Issues Found” you are ready to setup Outlook.     


  Outlook Mobile Setup

  1. Tap the physical Home button at the bottom of the phone and look for the Outlook App
  2. Open Outlook > Tap Get Started > Outlook should automatically find your account but if asked enter your State of Maine Email address then tap Add Account.      

  1. If asked to be notified Accept and Allowwhen asked     

  1. Tap Skip on the Focused Inbox        
  1. Tap the horizontal lines at the top left of the screen and choose Settings at the bottom left of the screen and scroll down to turn off the Focused Inbox and the Organize by Thread options. You can also update your email signature on this screen                       

  1. Scroll up the screen > tap on the O365 account> Turn the switch on to Save Contacts to Device option > Save when it asks to save the contacts to iPhone >tap on OKto allow permissions.     

  1. Tap the back arrow at the top left and then the X at the top left to return to the Outlook Mobile inbox. 
  2. Outlook is now setup.

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