Pulse Secure
  • 16 Feb 2022
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Pulse Secure

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Demonstration Video - How to Download and Install Pulse Secure


General Information

OPSWAT Anti Virus check for Host Checker 

Versions of the Pulse Secure client currently being used 9.1r14 (b13531) Updated (01/26/2022)

RDP Remote Desktop

RSA SecureID Installers

Pulse Version Upgrade

In order to connect, the installed Pulse version must be version 9.04 minimum. Download page.

Setting up Pulse Secure for MFA

If Pulse is installed on your computer

Open the Pulse Secure application by clicking on the chevron at the bottom right of the Windows 10 desktop.

A small menu will open with the option Open Pulse Secure at the top, click on "Open Pulse Secure"

To add a new connection, click + (the plus sign).

In the “Add Connection” box :

  • Type: Make sure Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure(VPN) is selected.
  • Name: Enter a name, for example Work-MFA, to distinguish this connection from other VPN connections you may configure.
  • Server URL:  secure.maine.gov/mfa

Click on Connect.

Log in with your AD credentials (what you log onto your computer with)

The authentication method will vary based on how MFA has been configured for your account.   You will be prompted to approve on your mobile device or receive a text or phone call.

If you have an MFA key fob, enter the numbers from the MFA Key Fob.

Connection should complete successfully.


If Pulse is not installed on your computer

 To install Pulse Secure, go to  https://www.maine.gov/oit/security/ to download the software.

* If you need assistance installing Pulse Secure you can call the Service Desk at 624-7700

  1. Dowload the software.
  2. Hit the Next button.
  3. Choose the “Typical” Installation.
  4. Click Install.
  5. The program should install. It will provide the message “The InstallShield Wizard has successfully installed Pulse. Click Finish to exit the wizard.” There should be a checkbox next to “Launch Junos Pulse.” Go ahead and hit “Finish.” Junos Pulse should start. If it doesn’t, start the program manually.
  6. Open the Pulse Secure application by clicking on the chevron at the bottom right of the Windows 10 desktop.
  7. Once installed, follow the steps above to configure Pulse Secure and log in.

Possible Errors

Connection Error: Unable to communicate with the server. (Error:1110)

If you receive this error message,

Edit the connection and change the server URL to: secure.maine.gov/mfa

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